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Opening Keynote Speaker

Date: April 25, 2023

Lecture: 9:00am-10:00am 

How to Succeed Downwards

Liz Jackson    

Liz Jackson is a founding member of The Disabled List, an advocacy collective that engages with disability as a critical design practice by examining how day-to-day practices of disability are both designerly and exploited by professional design culture. Liz is currently analyzing power differentials that are embedded in corporate disability initiatives: primarily through how brand partnerships with large scale disability charities serve to undermine and neutralize the work of disabled employees and independent activists. Through this process, Liz works to shift the focus from those who wield power to those who can be entrusted to harness it.


Black and White headshot of a white queer person with olive, freckled skin. Short dark fade, curly on top. Light eyes peer into the distance, as she rests her chin on her hand.
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