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Disability Creativity: A Conversation with Entertainers and Artists

Adith Thummalapalli with panelists Jade Theriault, Colin Werth, Jordan Reidenberg, Dain Wiseman, Kalyn Rose Heffernan

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Individuals of all abilities and communities across the globe have always used art in some form as a way in which to interact with the world around them and express themselves. Creative works have also been at the forefront of many social movements and resistance movements that culminate in positive societal change. Those who identify as having a disability are no different. Art can take many forms: visual, auditory, spoken, written, tactile, etc. and can be a large part of one’s identity, just like disability. Join a panel of artists and entertainers from the disability community as they discuss the relationship between living with a disability and their creative works. How does that experience inform their works and what does the future hold for creators with disabilities? How can art be used as a tool to force society to change for the better and become more inclusive to those of all abilities? Join us to explore these questions and more through the lens of art and disability.

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