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Celebrating the Legacy of Judy Heumann

Ana Palla

Date: April 25, 2023

Time: 9:05am-9:10am

About the Speaker

Ana Palla

Dr. Ana Palla is a Senior IT Accessibility and UX Specialist at the Academic Technology & Innovation unit in the Division of Information Technology at the University of Maryland. Dr. Palla leads the University of Maryland’s digital accessibility efforts, which include overseeing the implementation of the UMD IT Accessibility Plan, web accessibility policy, and many services, tools, and guidelines for accessible on-campus media production, accessible e-learning tools, and procurement of accessible technology. Dr. Palla has an affiliation with the School of Public Health as a lecturer, the College of Information Studies as a member of the Maryland Institute of Digital Accessibility (MIDA) and has served as co-chair for the UMD President’s Commission on Disability Issues (PDCI) for 7 years where disability advocacy and community engagement was a central role of her activities. 

Dr. Ana Palla is honored to lead Summit’s participants to celebrate the legacy of Judy Heumann, widely regarded as “the mother” of the disability rights movement, who passed away on March 4th of 2023. Judy made a profound and lasting impact on disability rights in the US and worldwide. Dr. Palla had the privilege to be with Judy multiple times at the State Department, disability rights initiatives in Brazil, and as co-chair of PCDI at the University of Maryland. 
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