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Outdoors For All

Enock Glidden

Date: April 27, 2023

Workshop: 10:45am-11:45am 


Outdoors For All will be a presentation based on my work as an accessible outdoors consultant. I will talk about changing the mindset of I can’t to asking the question how can I. I will use examples from my life and work to show how I have used this question to accomplish many things. I will then relate that back to my work as an accessible trail consultant and how I am answering the question of how can I get more people outdoors.

Presentation slides: PPT | PDF | ZIP

About the Speaker

Enock Glidden

An avid and accomplished outdoorsman, Enock can be found adventuring every season of the year throughout his home state of Maine. As a person born with a disability, Enock is a passionate advocate for making trails more accessible for all. He hikes extensively, assessing and writing about his experiences through the award-winning Maine Trail Finder website. His blogs and experiences have been shared widely in local, state, and national media outlets, and Maine Magazine named him one of their Mainers of the Year in 2022. Out on trail, Enock works directly with trail managers to assess both physical and communications barriers that can be minimized or eliminated to make those experiences more accessible and welcoming for everyone.

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