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Youth Leading Youth in Futures Planning and Career Exploration

Savannah Gildea, Aiden Burgher, Alia Natzke, Tristin McConnell

Date: April 26, 2023

Workshop: 2:25pm-3:25pm 


Learning Objectives:

  • Help young adults to see value in competitive employment
  • Help young adults learn about options for career exploration
  • Offer information and resources so young adults can make informed decisions about jobs
  • Help young adults understand the important role self-advocacy plays in getting the career of their choice

Early exploration of careers, including individual likes and dislikes, is critical to answering this question. Families are often the first and most consistent influence a person with a disability will have. It is necessary that young adults be strong advocates for the type of jobs they seek. Families also play a crucial role in helping individuals with disabilities network and land their first paying job.

For youth and families, the transition to adulthood is an uncertain time. Many families of youth with significant barriers to employment may not be able to envision employment in the community for their sons and daughters. The activities that young adults engage in early on play a vital role in helping them explore potential careers. Families can support career exploration by supporting these activities and honoring the decisions the young adults make.

Young adults and their families may get messages from professionals that sheltered work or day programs are the safest and only option. Before this happens, it is important for young adults to explore all options available to them. The session is intended to energize youth to explore careers of their choosing and advocate to all, about their choices.

About the Organization

All young adults have been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Figuring out your own likes and dislikes, is critical to answering this question. We all need to be strong advocates for the type of jobs we want. Come learn about tools you can use to plan for your career. Explore how to overcome negative messages you may have heard about employment for young adults. Learn how building your skills and networking can help you to land that first job. Explore your options for career paths, and get excited about seeking inclusive, integrated employment in the community you choose.

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