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Crippling Ableism: A Discourse on the Abled (Mis)representations and (Dis)placements of Persons with Disabilities in the Philippines

Zendy Victoria Sue G. Valencia


This discourse has the following aims: (1) to give the Filipino PWD a global identity; (2) to provide insights on the various adversities faced by Filipino PWDs due to the crippling effects of ableist attitudes prevalent in the country; and (3) to suggest possible solutions to these dilemmas. Using quotidian experiences of Filipino PWDs as examples, the discussion will highlight how the different types of ableism have formed gaps in various sectors in Philippine society pertinent to Filipino persons with disability—non-inclusive education, an ill-equipped healthcare system, rampant racial and bodily discrimination, class demarcations, inequality due to gender and sexual preference or ability, dishonest politicking, ableist-favored policy-making, and the displacement and misrepresentation of the Filipino PWD’s identity. The discourse will conclude by—as the word-play in the title suggests—‘crippling ableism,’ that is, providing practical and long-lasting solutions to eradicate ableist perspectives, norms, and practices in both the Philippine and global societies.

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